A Real Hoverboard Skateboard That Skaters Can Actually Shred

Whatever Skateboards is stoked to announce a real hoverboard skateboard that skaters can actually shred. The limited edition hoverboard skateboard launched today, just in time for October 21st, 2015. The Whatever Skateboards hoverboard skateboard has every detail perfected to pay homage to the original hoverboard and one of the greatest skateboarding scenes in pop culture. Get ready to shred through time on this hot pink neon speed demon with a custom grip design so rad it might get zapped back to the 80’s. But don’t worry; this hoverboard can always get back to the future. The magnets on the bottom graphic are lined up with the truck mounts to get 1.21 gigawatts of steez. This is a gourmet, limited edition, hoverboard skateboard only by Whatever Skateboards.

This hoverboard skateboard doesn’t hover but it is in the original shape and is one crazy skateboard deck. Clocking in with a 32″ length and 8.5″ width this is sized to ride. The nose is flat, wide, and round like a true old school 80s skateboard and the tail has that distinctly “vintage future” appeal with a hard square cut tail. The hoverboard deck is made from pro quality maple for a legit ride. The grip is Whatever Skateboards custom printed Jessup grip tape. It all comes together with the hot pink deck and the top graphic on the grip. The bottom graphic has strategically placed hoverboard magnets so the trucks line up perfectly. A complete setup comes with matching green Paris 180mm Trucks. The final tip of the hat from this glorious unicorn of a skateboard is in the wheels: of course hoverboard skateboards roll around on Cult Classics 66mm skateboard wheels. For those strict to canon there are no footstraps or handlebars.

The new hoverboard skateboard is at Whatever Skateboards but hurry up, the supplies are limited and this is a special edition skateboard. And while this may be back from the future the hoverboard skateboard makes the perfect present for any skater. This is one of the best new skateboarding gifts for the holidays and this is the hoverboard skateboard that skateboarders have always wanted. No road trip through skateboarding time and space is complete without the new Whatever Skateboards hoverboard skateboard. It is always recommended to wear a helmet and protective gear even when riding a hoverboard. Please take safety seriously and always be aware of DeLoreans on the road.

Lexus Creates a Hoverboard Skateboard!

Lexus Makes All Your Dreams Come True With Their Hoverboard Skateboard

Humanity took several steps toward our collective dream over a hoverboard earlier today when Lexus announced they had created a working skateboard hoverboard. No real details yet on the specifics behind the mechanics of the hoverboard but there is a teaser YouTube trailer. If you’ve seen any sci-fi movies you know that over the course of the next 100 years Lexus build anti-grav cars its no surprise they’re getting a jump on the hoverboard market with this early adopters release.

More of a Teaser than Trailer

Sure it hovers… but does it board? This has all the sex appeal of an actual hoverboard without any boarding action being shown. Our minds are blown but we want more. We’ll let you know what its like as soon as Lexus gives us a sample hoverboard deck, (due in the year 2050). But we’re happy to see progress, with so many great minds working towards the ultimate goal its only a matter of time until we have the real deal. Remember when Nike released their Back to the Future hoverboard skate shoes? Those are going to be the ultimate accessory in the future if this deck is any look. No word yet either on how ollies work, (against the magnetic lift?)