Production and Shipping Times

Custom Order Production Timelines

The time it takes to get your order has 2 parts: Processing and Shipping times. Please allow ample time for BOTH processing and shipping times combined, before contacting us for updates or requesting an order update thru the order status request form.

Processing/Production Times

(not including shipping time)

Custom Park Decks: 3-5 Weeks

Our custom park decks processing and production is usually 3-4 weeks, but can increase up to 6 weeks when order volume is high, if supplies are delayed for supply chain reasons, or if your design needs re-submission.

Custom Grip Tape: 2-3 Weeks

All Custom Grip Tape orders have a 2-3 week production time. If your order contained custom grip tape and a skateboard, your griptape will be shipped separately, uninstalled. Most likely your griptape will come first.

*Note: Custom decks may have delays due to COVID19 pandemic supply chain issues and order volume. Supplies are extremely limited right now across the industry. As of today (November 30th, 2021) we are running at mostly normal production times.

Shipping Time: 2-6 Days

Shipping can take 2-6 days depending where you’re located and which board(s) you purchased. When your order ships, you should receive a tracking number at the email address you ordered from. If you do not receive a tracking number after two weeks, please use the form on this page to request an update.


If your graphic was flagged for review, resolution, inappropriate content, copyright, or any other reason, then it may be delayed. If your order was flagged for these or any other reason that causes a delay and prevents it from being produced in the normal timeline, then your order will be put on Hold until resolved and you will be contact by email to submit a new design or cancel for store credit.

On-Hold / Paused Orders

In the case your order is paused and put “On Hold”, we will contact you via email at the email address you used to place the order to create or pick a new design. If you are non-responsive via email for an extended amount of time, we may reach out by phone if you had provided a phone number at checkout.

Exact Dates Cannot Be Guaranteed

Because of ground shipping and the nature of custom skateboard printing (occasional re-prints in our shop, etc), we cannot guarantee exact dates but will try to be as fast as we can. This is especially true during the holiday rush when the shipping companies can vary with delivery times in different areas of the country.

More Info FAQs

For more information about our order process check our FAQ’s here:

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