Sector 9 Louis Pro Longboard (9.75 x 39.50)


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This deck was designed after Louis Pilloni, who has been skating his whole life, and started downhill skating in ’04. Louis’s advice for other skaters is, “skate hard, skate fast, skate safe.” We thought “skate anything” should be added to this bit of advice since his “skate anything” style is what sets him apart as such an epic skater. This board has a stiff construction, making it extremely stable. This board is one of the most stable ones out there, which is necessary when you have a board that can and will skate anything in its path at super high speeds. This board features a directional drop platform,rockered platform, and radial micro drop for maximum control. The back of the board features a straight micro drop to lock your stance in. The construction of this board keeps the deck light and durable.

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