Chris Yandall Samoan Warrior Skate Legend Board (35 x 9.5)


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Chris Yandall Legend Complete Skateboard

Originally released with Sk8Kings in 2008 this signature model was designed by 70’s Wolrd Champion and modern day Father of Skog, Chris Yandall (1954-2014). In honor of his memory you can purchase his limited edition deck, (or upgrade to a complete) with us and keep the legacy of skogg going strong. This deck is made out of rock hard Canadian Maple with Fiber Lam composites. This deck features wheel wells and a comfortable and wide platform, ideal for skogging and crusing boardwalks, bikepaths, and long distances. Not only will this board take you everywhere, but it is convieniently sized at 35″, so you can take it everywhere as well.

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Weight 6.10000000 lbs