Open Call for Skate Videos and Clips

Open Call for Skaters and Longboarders to Submit Pics and Videos to Get Sponsored or Included in Our Media

Submitters Get…

Build Your Rep with Your Profile!

  • Free Publicity (THOUSANDS of people a week hit our site from all over the world)
  • Street Cred – If you’re not already featured on a skate company’s website, we’d like to take your street cred virginity.
  • Submission for Sponsorship – If you’re good and it shows, we’ll sponsor you.
  • Free Profile – Build your skater resume by stacking your top clips and images in your profile! This can get you more followers and get you noticed by other companies too.

Sonsored Team Riders Get…

Sponsored Team Riders get everything submitters get, plus…

  • Team Profile – We’ll feature you on our team page where you’ll much more exposure and more followers.
  • Free Skateboards – Our team skaters get boards for free, getting to design their own or pick from the site.
  • Free Gear – Our team skaters and ambassadors get free gear periodically, like snap back hats, t shirts, hoodies, and more!
  • Events / Parties – Get invited to our Whatever Skateboards events and parties to help rep the Whatever brand. If you’re in the San Diego area and your over 21 you could get to party on our rooftop with us frequently at our BBQs and other shindigs!
  • Discounts – Ambassadors, Crew, and Team skaters get deeper discounts on our whole catalog. The higher you go, the better your discount. Hook your friends up with discounts reserved only for our 3 teams.

How to Submit Content

To submit your pictures and videos…