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Hoverboard BTTF Style as a Hoverboard Skateboard!

Whatever Skateboards is super stoked to announce our new hoverboard skateboard! Get ready to shred through time on this hot pink neon speed demon with a custom grip design so rad you might get zapped back to the 80’s. But don’t worry; you can always get back to the future. The magnets on the bottom graphic are lined up with the truck mounts so you get 1.21 gigawatts of steez on this beast. This is a gourmet, limited edition, skateboard only by Whatever Skateboards. This hoverboard skateboard doesn’t float but it is in to the original style shape and is one crazy skateboard deck. Clocking in with a 32″ length and 8.5″ width this is sized to ride. The nose is flat, wide, and round like a true old school 80s skateboard and the tail has that distinctly “vintage future” appeal with a hard square cut tail. The skateboard deck is made from high quality professional level maple. The grip is Whatever Skateboards custom printed Jessup grip tape. It all comes together with the hot pink deck and the top graphic on the grip. The bottom graphic has strategically placed hoverboard magnets so the trucks line up perfectly. The complete setup comes with matching green Paris 180mm Trucks. The final tip of the hat from this glorious unicorn of a skateboard is in the wheels: of course this board rolls around on Cult Classics 66mm skateboard wheels. For those strict to canon there are no footstraps or handlebars.

Backslide to the Future

Just to be clear our awesome hoverboard is actually a hoverboard skateboard. It skates, it doesn’t hover. But we’ve specifically cut the exact shape of the hoverboard, crushed the hot pink detail job,, and lined up the graphics and the hoverboard magnet graphics to be in line with the trucks. You are able to actually skate this real hoverboard! The complete version of this hoverboard comes with 180mm Paris Trucks and Cult Classics 66mm (see what we did there). This is a “Back to the Future”-style hoverboard skateboard similar to the hoverboard used by Marty McFly in the classic “Back to the Future II”. Like the fictitious original this one also does not work on water.

Due to pop culture safety concerns hoverboards are not recommended for children born after November 22nd, 1989 or any persons who have not viewed the following hoverboard safety video. Please keep your eyes open for DeLoreans sharing the road.

New Hoverboards and the Electric Hoverboard

There are also these hoverboards! That includes the new hoverboards and electric hoverboards! If you are looking for the “Smart Balancing Scooter” hoverboards that everyone is riding then here it is. These hoverboards are the new craze and just like a hoverboard skateboard these are not a hoverboard that floats. These hoverboards also roll across the ground on electric batteries and are similar to Segway. Even though they don’t hover people are still calling them hoverboards. We’ve been tracking all the different generations and from the cheap hoverboard the nice new hoverboards. The newer ones don’t just have lights they also have remote controls as well as Bluetooth speakers. These are a huge craze across the globe with Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa, Jamie Foxx, and many more celebrities appearing on them. We ride these around the office and love them, they are definitely a must have skateboarding gift for the holidays and are a lot of fun. Check out some hoverboard models and keep checking back as they selection is always updating!