Custom Grip Tape

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We make it easy & fun to design your own quality grip tape!

Custom Grip Tape

Custom Graphics ON the TOP of ANY Board

Custom grip tape allows you to get custom graphics on top of any board, not just on the bottom. Traditional skateboards always had graphics on the bottom, but only recently have some brands been doing artwork on TOP of the board, too.  But why put another brand on your board when you could put your own graphics?

There’s really two ways it’s done when you want full color (with white) graphics on your grip tape:
1) Print on the grip tape directly with high quality inks, which we do!
2) Print on the top of the board itself and then lay clear grip tape over it to let the graphic show thru, which we do not do anymore (it makes the graphics much too hard to see).

We’ve had way better (awesome) results with the first method – direct printing onto grip tape, and the ink is very resilient to wear and tear.  This ink stays on for YEARS with your full color graphics on it even with regular skating and use.  It does NOT come off by skating it.  So you’re good to shred without ruining it for a very very long time.

Ready to upgrade your deck with custom grip?  Just choose your grip tape size to begin.

Skateboard Grip Tape and Longboard Grip Tape

Whether you’re hitting the skatepark, cruising the streets, or bombing hills, the truth is that most people see the top of your board MORE than the bottom as you skate! 

If you’ve got a logo, a brand, a crew, a name, your own artwork or anything you just want people to see, grip tape is an awesome spot to customize with your own graphics.  In video parts and photos it’s sure to show even more than the bottom. 

Want your kickflips to really show your design? Put it on BOTH sides of the board identical, then no matter which side is showing you know your graphics are visible!

Size Matters!

We have tons of skateboard and longboard sizes, but we only have 2 griptape sizes: Longboard and Skateboard.  Be sure to check the dimensions of your skateboard or longboard that you plan to make the custom grip tape for, and check the size of our template (hint: it says it in the name).

Important Note for YOUR Skateboard Size:

When you design your graphics, remember that even though the printed grip tape graphics go all the way to the edges of the rectangular sheet, when it is placed on your board the excess that goes past the edges of your board will be trimmed off.

So, design with that in mind – the grip tape is printed all the way to the edges, but your board (depending on it’s size) will be smaller than the sheet of grip tape.

Compare the size of your own board to the size of the grip tape to know approximately how much of the outer area will be cut off when you install it!

If you don’t know what size your board is, then keep your text or logo or any part that you don’t want cut off comfortably in the center area.  If you want to know what size your current board is, bust out the old measuring tape and find out! 

If you’re ordering a board from us check the dimensions in the description.