Corporate Programs for Custom Skateboards

Many corporations and businesses use skateboards as a promotional product, as a way to sponsor riders or events, or for decoration. In fact custom skateboards are one of the most common promotional and decorative products! Whatever Skateboards combines top brand skateboards, custom branding, and specific personalization. You can not only add company branding to any skateboard or longboard but you can also now customize easily online with colors, images, and text. Unique and creative branded skateboards can help with marketing and sales, promotions, or simply for a way to mix employees personal styles and creativity.

Quality Skateboards and High Quality Printing

Unlike a typical cheap sticker or a skin Whatever Skateboards tests skateboards with top-quality manufacturing and printing to ensure the finished product is ready to represent your brand. The design is printed in high resolution directly on the decks and will not wear off or peel off. With our unique personalization platform each design can be hand made in house by our designers or offered to staff to design online; this allows for as little or as much customization as necessary with custom rules and configurations integrated for each business and brand.

An Opportunity to Stand Out from the Crowd

This is an opportunity for any size company to promote their brand and for fun or lifestyle companies skateboards are a great way for employees to express their creative side. Sales teams, promotions, special events, marketing, and the whole company can benefit from this opportunity for your brand to stand out.

The Products

Custom Shortboards

These are the “classic” skateboard shape most people are familiar with. These skateboards are one of the most commonly used promotional products because of their lower price point in bulk which make these a great product to use as giveaways for contests or as decoration and wall art. Unlike other promotional skateboards Whatever Skateboards offers quality products real skaters will not be afraid to use; our shortboards are real skateboards for use at skate parks or vert ramps by real skaters. These are common shapes used to promote or sponsor pros or feature artists. These are also frequently used as decoration in restaurants, bars, breweries, startups, or lifestyle companies looking to get a distinct look. This is our most common product purchased in bulk.

Custom Longboards

Custom longboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from pintail boardwalk cruisers to larger downhill decks. Typically used as a focal point decoration or a larger prize giveaway a custom longboard has a slightly higher price point in bulk because of the added thickness of the board as well as the length. Because of the more unique deck shape these really stand out on a wall or for use as signage. If being used for giveaways or promotional materials custom longboards are a serious prize. Of course all of our longboards are made for actual use by real skaters. These are also frequently purchased in bulk for companies looking to offer branded commuter boards to employees. Because of the larger size custom longboards offer a little more space for signature artwork when promoting artists.

Completes, Grip Tape, Trucks, Wheels, and Assembly

Typically businesses or companies looking to offer skateboards or get skateboards in bulk offer up just the decks. This means the skateboard does not have the coarse grip tape applied to the top and the skateboards do not include trucks, wheels, or bearings. If your biz is looking to sponsor or promote skaters for actual events you’ll likely be offering “completes”; that means the skate comes with applied grip tape as well as trucks, wheels, and bearings. Naturally adding these on to bulk orders increases the price point; that is also bumped up a if your bulk skateboard order requires the skateboard to be assembled. These options are unnecessary for skateboards being used as wall art or decoration, and if you will be using your skateboards at conventions or job fairs these options may raise the price point beyond normal promotional items. However, if you’re planning on using custom skateboards to promote your brand during giveaways, as a prize packages, or for employee rewards it is common practice to give away assembled completes. We’re able to work with you and your brand, corporation, and business to help determine what will be the best options.


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