Design Your Own Skateboard, Longboard, Griptape and More:

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Make it a Complete Longboard

Make it a Complete Longboard
Make it a Complete Longboard

Make it a complete!  Design your custom deck, add this product to your cart, and we'll do the rest!  We make it super easy for you to create a custom board and start riding the day it arrives.  We will choose wheels and trucks recommended specifically for the deck that you are purchasing.  We will install grip tape and ship your board completely assembled.

If you are purchasing a custom deck as a gift, this is a must have addition to your deck.

This addition is compatible with Longboard decks only.  If purchasing a shortboard deck, please click the "Make it a Complete Shortboard" under Related Products.

Please Note: This is an upgrade to make a custom deck complete. This is for the wheels, trucks, black grip tape, and assembly. Hardware used is generic, non-branded hardware. The deck is not included and should be purchased separately. Design your board first, then purchase the "Make it a Complete" upgrade here.

Processing and Shipping
Production / Delivery Time Processing with assembly takes about 2 weeks; Shipping is 2-7 days

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