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Blank Park Skateboard Deck 8.5 x 32 1/8

Blank Park Skateboard Deck 8.5 x 32 1/8
Blank Park Skateboard Deck 8.5 x 32 1/8

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About This Board

This is *the* modern deck design for trick and street decks: perfect to pop, great to grind, a classic to kick, and the deck of choice for a little hell raising in the parking lot.  Slash, crash, and thrash this thing and it will take the beating and come right back for some more like a young punk.  Everyone has one of these and for most people this was the first deck they ever got. Perfect for practicing your technical skills and a great deck for young riders this deck style is the iconic shape that defines skateboard.  Engineered to perfection this deck is... well... textbook.

This is sold as a blank deck only unless "Make it a complete" is set to "Yes".

Thickness 7 Plys Hard Canadian Maple
Length 32 1/8"
Width 8.5"
Wheelbase 14"
Additional Details 19 degrees Nose, 18.5 degrees Tail
Processing and Shipping
Production / Delivery Time 2-3 weeks to process, 2-7 days ground shipping

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