The Whatever Games

The Whatever Games

Welcome to the Whatever Games where the Whatever Skateboards team, crew, and ambassadors take part in a friendly competition with monthly challenges, point scores, and of course sick prizes. The Whatever Games changes the challenges monthly and awards points to players who have posted proof of the challenge being completed on Instagram. The Team and Ambassadors challenges are different and the difficulty and point scores for all teams are relative to the overall difficulty of each challenge. Good luck to all of our skaters out there and we look forward to crowning 2017’s winners, especially the Grand Prize winner – Whatever Skater of the Year!

Rules and Prizes

2017 Whatever Games Prizes:

  • Skater of the Year (Grand Prize)
  • Trick of the Year (Prize Pack 2)
  • Skate of the Year (Prize Pack 3)


  • Must be on Whatever Team, Crew, or Ambassadors to participate.
  • Please do not try these challenges at home and always wear proper safety gear (and have supervision while skateboarding if you are under 18).
  • All entries must be posted on Instagram and hashtagged #TheWhateverGames and must tag or mention @WhateverSkateboards or we will not see it!
  • All challenges are based on completion, but bonus points may be awarded for notable next-levelness, such as awesome steez. (toe drags will generally be ignored as makes but will ultimately be up to the judges and team manager)

Point Challenges:

Team Challenges

  • 10 Pts – Stack Clips – Get a New Clip of a Flip Trick or Skate Ramp Trick and get at least 5 likes
  • 20 Pts – Pusherman – Get a new pic or clip of a 10+ mile skate
  • 30 Pts – Known to Shred – Post any of your best clips old or new and get more than 100 likes
  • 40 Pts – Shred the Brand (pic) – Post a skate pic with a whatever deck (skating) where you can see the logo (can wear it too)
  • 50 Pts – Shred the Brand (vid) – Post a skate clip with a Whatever deck (skating) were you can see the logo (flip tricks count)
  • 100 Pts – Local Legend – Post any of your best clips or pics old or new and get more than 1000 likes
  • 200 Pts – Insta Famous – Post any of your best clips or pics old or new and get more than 2000 likes

Ambassador Challenges

  • 5 Pts – Cruiser Life – Get a new pic cruising with a palm tree or mountain in the background
  • 10 Pts – Coming Up – Post any skate clip and get over 100 likes
  • 15 Pts – Rep the Brand – Get a pic repping whatever swag
  • 20 Pts – Rock the Brand – Get a pic with a Whatever Skateboard
  • 50 Pts – Skate the Brand – Get a vid with a Whatever Skateboard where you can see the Whatever brand (can wear it too)
  • 100 Pts – Well Connected – Rep Whatever in a pic or vid with a famous skater