4 flip like nbd.. Or was it 5? @ellisfrost flips tricks like Bruce Lee! (video)

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4 flip like nbd.. Or was it 5?  @ellisfrost flips tricks like Bruce Lee! (video) #dayum #fliptricks #tricksareforkids #tricks #kickflip #skateboard #skateboarding #skateordie #sk8ordie #skatepark #ellisfrost #likeaboss #4flip #quadflip #skateeveryday #skateeverydamnday #summer #skatelife #sk8 #whatever #whateverskateboards

Tony Hawk Brought You Some Early Halloween Treats With Perched

Tony Hawk Hands Out Full Size Tricks For Halloween With Perched

We’re a San Diego company so we’re shameless Tony Hawk fans, (remember our Tony Hawk Circuit Boards article?), but this time our local legend brought even sweeter treats with his latest tricks in his new skate vid Perched that dropped with RIDE Channel. Perched is basically an all out one man vert holiday reel where Tony Hawk reminds you that he’s still the king.

Not Enough Treats? DJ ZTrip Remixed Tony Hawk Pro Skater Songs For This Vid

YEP. HAPPENED. In case you want to rock these jamz yourself and can’t find your PS1…

Design Your Own Skateboard Trick? Syrmo Skate App & Trick Tracking Hardware From The Future

The future is here! Syrmo is a new skateboard app and accompanying trick tracking hardware that lets you track and check any of your tricks and locations. Want to design your own skateboard trick? Syrmo is a pad riser approach to a skateboarding “wearable”for your skate, but it comes complete with an app that shows your tricks, check you in, and can auto-edit footage for you. It appears they’ve CNCed their own designs for the riser and have cool little pieces that slide in to track all sorts of skate and trick stats for. They even included a way to 3D replay your tricks!

It pretty much has to be seen to be believed so here’s their gorgeous Kickstarter video…

One of the best features in that demo is the automatic editing of skate vids. Did you just make your own skate trick or come up with a custom skateboard trick? Catch the stats and the 3D replay for sure but if your buddy is filming you through the app it will auto-locate that spot in the skate video and let you add filters or slow mo. This is definitely the best looking skate Kickstarter we’ve seen in a while. It really adds tech + skating to get something new and awesome. Check out some pics of the Syrmo app if you want to drool over the future of skating…

We’re pretty stoked on this; we’d love to see this Syrmo Kickstarter fully funded so we can get the latest and greatest in the future of skate technology. There are still a few days left to go on this Kickstarter so get in there and back it so we can ours! Click here for the Syrmo Kickstarter