Tony Hawk Brought You Some Early Halloween Treats With Perched

Tony Hawk Hands Out Full Size Tricks For Halloween With Perched

We’re a San Diego company so we’re shameless Tony Hawk fans, (remember our Tony Hawk Circuit Boards article?), but this time our local legend brought even sweeter treats with his latest tricks in his new skate vid Perched that dropped with RIDE Channel. Perched is basically an all out one man vert holiday reel where Tony Hawk reminds you that he’s still the king.

Not Enough Treats? DJ ZTrip Remixed Tony Hawk Pro Skater Songs For This Vid

YEP. HAPPENED. In case you want to rock these jamz yourself and can’t find your PS1…

Whatever Skateboards Ruffest Fan!

This little skater may be our cutest fan to date! As huge dog lovers (you’ve probably seen our office dog Marley on Twitter), we can’t resist sharing dogs skateboarding. We do love all furry friends trying to get their shred on but so far in the great dogs vs. cats debate dogs are dominating the skating category.