Tony Hawk Brought You Some Early Halloween Treats With Perched

Tony Hawk Hands Out Full Size Tricks For Halloween With Perched

We’re a San Diego company so we’re shameless Tony Hawk fans, (remember our Tony Hawk Circuit Boards article?), but this time our local legend brought even sweeter treats with his latest tricks in his new skate vid Perched that dropped with RIDE Channel. Perched is basically an all out one man vert holiday reel where Tony Hawk reminds you that he’s still the king.

Not Enough Treats? DJ ZTrip Remixed Tony Hawk Pro Skater Songs For This Vid

YEP. HAPPENED. In case you want to rock these jamz yourself and can’t find your PS1…

Bob Burnquist Skating a Floating Ramp in Lake Tahoe! Whatever!

The title really says it all – Bob Burnquist skates a floating half pipe on lake Tahoe – like a boss.

We have our own dreams and fantasies about things like building a half pipe on our office roof, but there’s just a couple minor safety concerns like flying off the roof and dying, so we’re still working out the logistics there before we can pull it off, haha.  Regardless, we love to see inspiring stuff like this, where people turn skate-pipe-dreams into reality!  Big ups, Bob- well done Sir.  But, next time, do it with your own custom design on your deck ;)