Preview: Sprucing Up the Office with a Sick New Mural

Paint Whatever the F You Want.

We’re always looking for ways to make our PB office more enjoyable, inspiring, and good spirited.  We’re also always trying to embody our own mission to let people design whatever the F they want, and not just on skateboards.  Especially when it comes to additions to the office, we want them to be saturated with our own inspirations and values, and NOT dry and corporate feeling- feelings that suck from past boring jobs that many of us know too well and now like to avoid like the plague.

One of the new projects we’ve started is transforming what was an ugly white wall with a great new hand painted mural.  The mural depicts James Kelly doing a badass heel side slide on a downhill board.  The picture is sick, and as soon as it’s done we’ll post all of the final photos and credits as soon as we get them.  It’s already looking great and brings an awesome added energy to walking thru the front door every day.  We’re so excited for it we couldn’t even wait until it’s done to blog about it :)

By a Skater, for Skaters

The mural is being painted by our #Whatever sponsored downhill skater and resident artist, Suigo Revilla.  We told him to paint whatever the F he wanted, and this is what he chose.  He has both chosen this photo (one of his favorites) and is painting the entire mural by hand.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events at our PB location to check it out in person. :)

Mural Preview

Until then, Here’s a preview of this beautiful work in progress:

James Kelly / Caliber Mural     James Kelly / Caliber Mural in Progress


You can check out more of Suigo’s art works here:


And of course you can deign your own sick deck here:

Audience Submission: Inspiring Whatever Images

Someone Sent Us This Link… Whatever.

We get some pretty cool submissions for skateboard designs but we also get some pretty awesome submissions for art, photos, tumblrs, blogs, videos, etc. We posted a fitting and amazing whatever-themed banner we’d been linked to before. And now it is time to revive the spirit of audience submissions and share a great link we were sent this week. In this case it is time to be mesmerized by the amazing work being done over at Magnificent Ruin

Courtesy of Magnificent Ruin

Courtesy of Magnificent Ruin

We have no idea from where these amazing images came from but we’re pretty stoked on them. No, they were not created for us. This was the work of some other genius our there in the world, someone unbeknownst to us but sharing in our beautiful ambivalence. Thanks to whoever send us this, (you know who you are but apparently did not want US to know.) Is it just us or would some of this stuff make a great look on a skateboard or longboard deck?

Courtesy of MagificentRuin

Original Images: Magnificent Ruin

Everyone is Making Whatever Banners These Days…

After successfully debuting a brand new banner at our HQ office we were politely linked to this artistic masterpiece. While we can’t claim credit for the inspiration or actual execution of this magnificent work we do feel a kindred spirit with the artist. While our Dutch isn’t that great we’re pretty sure this is from a recent exhibition from an artist named Navid Nuur. Nice work! Although we would suggest it could use a few more unicorns and skateboards…

Whatever Cloth Banners

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