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About This 5 Deck Custom Skateboard Mural

Wall Art Skateboard Mural

This product features five 8" skateboard decks that are attached.  Easily create your design across all three and make a skateboard mural that can hang on your wall.  It measures 8" by 40".

The print uses our Smash base which features a matte finish.

Banger Series Park Decks with Smash-Base!!!

The Banger Series is our special, tougher park deck series and is different than our standard park decks!  

  • Smash Base - A special matte-finish base layer with the custom graphic on it.  This base layer is tougher, much more scratch resistant and can take more abuse than traditional park decks where it's just ink on wood with a glossy clear coat.  The base material is also smoother, and slides easier than wood, so that you can board slide for days!  It's a fast sliding material so it will really slide a lot longer than normal, but also will be smoother and easier to slide and needs less wax (or no wax in some cases).  Smash Base takes a lot of damage like a super hero's armor layer, so that the wood is protected for a lot longer.  Unlike vinyl, Smash Base doesn't tear and peel, as it's heat molded to every board by hand and will crack eventually and chip away but never tear and peel like vinyl does, and was developed to be a superior replacement to vinyl that could actually add protection and life to the board.  Smash Base boards last longer and don't snap as easy with that extra layer of protection, but be ready for the smoothest fastest board slides of your life!
  • Thicker Plys / Heavier Tougher Construction - Bangers are beefier, with a slightly more blunt shaped nose and tail than the tapered standard park deck shape, for a little bit harder thrasing and shredding.  Also the plys are just a little bit thicker on top and bottom, where the plys on the more lightweight traditional decks are just a little thinner to make those boards lighter than the Banger style decks.  The Smash Base material also adds a little bit of weight, though not much, it does add a small amount of weight in the foot feel.
  • Dope Matte Finish -  The Smash Base finish is matte, for a really sick look that is unique and different from most all typical glossy park decks.  Even matte white and matte black can be classy, simple, and still stand out as the only board like it at the park!

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