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 Dope design by @steveseeleyart ✌Does this board make you hungry?   Congrats to @drewbeilfuss for #trickofthewhatever aka #thewhatevergames Trick of the Year.  He stacked so many good clips this year, got a huge response on IG and it was hard to pick just 1 clip so we picked 3 for u to vote on too. Stoked to see what he's got in store for 2018. Nice job Drew!   ... Which one u like the most, 1, 2 or 3? . . #whateverskateboards #thewhatevergames2017 #drewbeilfuss #whatever #skateboards #skateboarding #skater #team #teamwhatever #sponsoredskater #skateboarder #2017
 TGIF! May your weekend be filled with sun, sand and skating 🤙• Shoutout to @deannanaegele cruising thru our stomping ground in Mission Beach in January! • • • • @deannanaegele @c.o.v.e_photography #missionbeach #tgif #blondes #beachbod #skater #pacificbeach #beachlife #sandiego #skatergirl #longboard #whateverskateboards #thewhatevergames #customskateboards #custom #design #diy #art #sun  One of these things is not like the others.....  design your own custom grip tape on our website. ... this was after the last @docksessionsd at the @carnitassnacks down on Broadway pier which is Awesome to grab a beer at the sk8 sesh outside- we will be back there in January so come out and shred around the pier with us every Sunday! #whatever #whateverskateboards #customgriptape #skategraphics #customgrip #skateboard
 Skate of the Year 2017 goes out to @stevenskoggermeketa for the longest skate of the year! Steven skated over 60 Miles to win the skate of the year. He’s had so many epic long distance skates it’s hard to choose one! Check out his page! 🤘  Gr8 Sk8 Event  Saturday Dec 16 2017 @ Venice Skatepark @veniceskatepark! Great skate event! Prizes for skaters of various age groups and comps like best trick, bowl, and more. We will be there shredding, phitographing, supporting, chilling, and giving prizes out to winners along with Makaha / Vans. Bring cans for the holiday food drive! Check the website for more details.  Big thanks to Curt Stevenson from Makaha/POWEREDGE for keeping the original tradition alive to skate Venice for a good cause! Last year we were at the combibowl in Orange and it was epic, but the tradition started in Venice, and if you've been there you know it's a unique vibe that is alive with so cal skate history and skaters every day! It's a great place to hang for the day for the event so come out and skate or just cheer on our guys as they shred the concrete waves! ✊ #makaha bowljam
 Congrats  to Jacob Denning @donthatedawg our 2017 #TheWhateverGames #SkaterOfTheYear aka #SkaterOfTheWhatever aka kick ass skater that goes hard in the streets and park on the reg, designs dope boards, and shreds with his friends who all produce awesome clips and edits regularly incl @postmarlone @kyleedge_hd.  These dudes are out there reppin on the BEast Coast and slaying it. Great job Jacob and Squad! Looking forward to seeing 2018s stack of sick clips!!!  #soty #sotw #skater #street #outthere #grinding #soty2017 #skateboarding #skateboarderoftheyear #whatever #whateverskateboards  San Diego Dock Session at Broadway Pier today 4pm. All skill levels, all welcome, skateboards, longboards, hell even minis if u want, bring em out, bring em out! ✌ @docksessionsd @joiskwan @adrenalinaskate @whateverskateboards

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