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 With over  pts in the first couple weeks @donthatedawg is Killin the Sept #TheWhateverGames challenges in FL with style and grace, right in Irma's face   @postmarlone #hurricanescantskate #shredthebrand #1stplace #winning #skaterofthemonth #skateordie #sk8 #skatelife #hurricaneirma #irma #aftermath #internationaldayofpeace #RollForPeace #whatever #whateverskateboards  Shoutout to our newest ambassador @postmarlone, stoked to add another  skater to the whatever squad! : @donthatedawg  Squad skater @logansharp flyin high ✈️
 Today's the day! If you haven't already get out there and #RollForPeace !  the truth is that skateboarding, longboarding, and rolling on just about anything shows us we have more in common than different from one another. Starting today, and contiunuing until the #international day of peace on 9/21, we are skating in support of spreading awareness of this message of #peace, #balance, and #justice that we have already helped spread thru over 30 countries. Please join us today in just going for a skate with this message in mimd, and if you meet anyone, let them know what this is about and that the international day of peace is Sept 21st, a day we can all squash it and just skate, like we should just do every dam day.  if you agree with this and would like to show your support please repost this and register for free on the website and follow @roll.for.peace . ✌  We're stoked to announce the launch of The Whatever Games (TWG)!  In a an epic competition that you can follow along with, the Whatever Skateboards team, crew, and ambassadors will take part in a friendly competition with monthly challenges, point scores, and of course sick prizes. The Whatever Games changes the challenges monthly and awards points to players who have posted proof of the challenge being completed on Instagram. The Team and Ambassadors challenges are different and the difficulty and point scores for all teams are relative to the overall difficulty of each challenge. Good luck to all of our skaters out there and we look forward to crowning 2017’s winners, especially the Grand Prize winner – Whatever Skater of the Year! Keep an eye on our page for TWG posts coming soon and follow along with the hashtag #TheWhateverGames 🤘  @brightonzeuner taking it home at the @vansparkseries 🤘: @aacostaa
 Join us in spreading Peace, Balance & Justice in partnership with @concretewavemag & @shralpers_union & @Roll.for.Peace . The theme of this month's design contest will be PEACE and is sponsored by Roll For Peace. Here’s how to enter: 1. Design a custom deck on our website with your own original artwork that ties into the theme. 2. Post your custom design on your Instagram with the hashtag #TheWhateverGames and tag @WhateverSkateboards and our sponsors: @Roll.for.Peace and @ConcreteWaveMag Contest will run until the end of September and a winner will be announced on our Instagram at the end of October. ➕Bonus points if you incorporate our logo but as always that's not required!  Have Fun!   SD local @jordynbarratt tearing it up  ❗️Use coupon code "INSTA7" to save $7 off orders of $50 or more! Code valid until 8/30❗️
 SQUAD  @concretewavemag  When you scope an @innout  ft @daymein_hertenstein shot by @andrewdietterle

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Check out our this gallery of some of the custom boards that we make every day! If you love your custom whatever deck, let us featured it on this page! Email your custom whatever board pictures to with subject “POST MY WHATEVER BOARD PIC” and we’ll put it up here and post it on Insta!