Open Call for Skate Videos and Clips

Open Call for Skaters and Longboarders to Submit Pics and Videos to Get Sponsored or Included in Our Media

Submitters Get…

By submitting your content to us you can get a number of great benefits including:

  • Free Publicity (THOUSANDS of people a week hit our site from all over the world)
  • Street Cred – If you’re not already featured on a skate company’s website, we’d like to take your street cred virginity.
  • Submission for Sponsorship – If you’re good and it shows, we’ll sponsor you.
  • Be in Our Videos – We’re working on a number of videos for youtube and other places. If you submit your videos, we may feature clips in our videos that thousands of people can see every week.

Sonsored Team Riders Get…

Sponsored Team Riders get everything submitters get, plus…

  • Team Profile – Rep your hood, your crew, or your story in an online profile we’ll build for our top submitters.
  • Free Skateboards – Our Top team skaters get boards for free, getting to design their own or pick from the site.
  • Events / Parties – Get invited to our Whatever Skateboards events and parties to help rep the Whatever brand.
  • Discounts – Hook your friends up with discounts reserved only for friends of the team.

How to Submit Content

To submit your pictures and videos…

  • Email It To Us:
    Use subject line “MEDIA SUBMISSION” and email to
  • Post It On Your Facebook:
    Post your pics or vids on facebook with hashtag #whatevervids or #whateverpics
  • Post It On Twitter:
    Post your pics or vids on twitter with hashtag #whatevervids or #whateverpics
  • Submit URL to Your Vid or Pic:
    Submit the URLs to your sweet vids or pics, on the media submission form page (click here)