How to Get Sponsored

NOTE: Before Submitting for Sponsorship You MUST HAVE:

  1. 1. Have at least 1 post on your social media account of yourself visibly holding or skating one or more of our custom boards or custom grips or apparel (show that you rep us)
  2. 2. Have a completed Whatever Skateboards profile showing said picture/video
  3. 3. Have at least 1 post on your social media of yourself skating (doesn’t have to be a trick, but we don’t sponsor people who don’t actually skate, ie just models etc)
  4. 4. Have a brain in your skull capable of reading this and completing these requirements (we connect everything thru the web, you will need to be savvy enough to use it), and don’t have drugs / violence / racism / weapons in your feed, because we’re about that psycho life. Keep it fun and meet our requirements, and we might hook you up.

Follow these 2 steps for consideration to get sponsored for skateboarding!

2-Step Online Application Process:

(All Sponsorship Types)

1) Complete Your Skater Profile

Log in and complete your user profile with the following:

  • Cover¬†Image
  • Profile Image
  • Short Bio / Description
  • Social Media handle(s)
  • Best YouTube Clips (if any)
  • Best Instagram Posts (if any)
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2) Submit Your Skater Profile

Submit your complete profile for our team to review using our Skater Submissions Form.

Your profile should showcase Instagram posts (pics or vids) that fit your skate style and lifestyle. If you are going for a Team sponsorship, you should showcase your best tricks, pics, and clips.

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Whatever Skateboards Sponsorship Levels


This is a Shop sponsorship which includes special discounts and sometimes free gear. This is for people who love to rep Whatever and want to help us grow and gain exposure doing it! Your Instagram or YouTube MUST have at least SOME skateboard related pictures or clips! ¬†This is also a perfect way to warm up for a Team sponsorship before you’re ready to go for it. The higher your followers on Insta / Fb / Anywhere else, the better! Please, do not submit pure model feeds or accounts just full of selfies with no skateboarding, because that’s lame!
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Skate Crew

This is a Flow sponsorship that can include gear and sometimes boards. Skate Crew sponsorships are reserved for Whatever Staff, Locals who help us, and skaters who actually skate with us. If you’ve never been to our office, and never skated with us, then either go for our Skate Team or Ambassadors. If you are an Ambassador and want to level up to Skate Crew, then get in touch with us and set up a meet at our office.
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Skate Team

These are our full Flow and Amateur sponsorships, which includes free gear, boards, tournament entry fees, and sometimes travel expenses and payment for videos and other missions. Applying for this sponsorship requires at least 10 clips between YouTube or Instagram of your best stuff in your Whatever Profile. You should be able to show proficiency in all expected tricks or hills that would be considered Good for your type of skating.
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OK, Got it?

Select your sponsorship level and submit your skater profile here:

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