Become the Next Whatever Skateboards Designer



If you’ve ever wanted to see your original artwork on a skateboard, now is your chance. We are looking for the next Whatever Skateboards designer. We want someone who screams creativity and originality as well as someone who is stoked on skating.

So this is our open call to all artists and designer to enter our skateboard design contest. We want to see what you’ve got!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Design a custom deck on our website with your own original artwork.

2. Post your custom design on your Instagram with the hashtag #whateverdesigner and tag @whateverskateboards. Be sure to follow our account and tag some friends.

Contest will run until the end of July and a winner will be announced on our Instagram on August 1st.

Design Your Board

Add Custom Grip Tape to Your Deck

Create Unique Designs on Your Custom Grip Tape

Kickflip your deck into shape with your own personal custom grip tape. Add personalized features to your board like unique logos or handcrafted designs sketched by you. offers an array of design options allowing personal artistry to come to life. No skateboard will ever be the same with the option to design your own grip tape, trucks and wheels! You can be as simple or complex as you want. Awaken the pro skater in you with a killer custom skateboard for your easy riding.

custom grip tape

Unleash Your Creative Mind

Jab into your originality as a skater and find what drives you to skate. With your passion, designing your own grip tape can become a way to get you back into your roots with skateboarding. Nicknames, logos, graffiti art, personal sketches, brand names, pictures are just simple starters to think about with your custom grip tape. Now you can think of designing both sides of your skateboard and what contrasting colors look best together. The top of the skateboard is something people see first which is a great way to sponsor names or extend your brand to the pros.

Style Your Ride

Getting your name out to the public can be challenging but with custom grip tape you can design fresh logos that attract riders from all around! When you design your skateboard or long board custom designs always look amazing because no one else has seen them before. This way when you’re cruising down hills, riding the pipes, or doing tricks on a rail both sides of your skateboard are visible. Attracting others attention just got twice as easier than before so styling your ride would give your status as a rider ample leeway in the direction of your skating career.

Design Your Own Grip Tape

Check out these pro skaters from the Tampa Pro 2016 Finals and their personalized custom grip tap!

2016 Downhill Longboard Events

downhill longboard events

Focus and Speed

Downhill longboarding is a form of boarding that takes a lot of skill and focus. When going at speeds of 30, 40, or even up to 70mph on a longboard, you really got to hone in on the moment. The world record for speed currently stands at 80.83 mph and is held by Mischo Erban. Go Mischo, the fastest longborder in the world! That definitely would be a hair-raising scene to witness at downhill longboard events.

For all you longboarders that like to ride the mountains and hills, and for those who like to spectate, we at Whatever Skateboards put together a list of the top downhill longboard events coming up this 2016.


Downhill Longboard Events 2016

3/26 – CENTRAL IOWA DOWNHILL SHOWDOWN in Ledges State Park Madrid Iowa
5/3 – LAUNCH in Linden Australia
7/1 – Sector 9 The Whistler FREERIDE NO HANDS RACE in Whistler Canada

Women’s Events

And for all the women out there who love to shred, there is a great downhill longboard event going on in Sintra Portugal. For 8 days there is a WOMEN’S LONGBOARD CAMP #1 being held right by the sea on the Atlantic coast.

Top Five Reasons Custom Longboards Are Awesome

Longboarding is the merge between skateboarding and surfing. It resonates with that free spirit lifestyle of cruising and taking it easy. Being relatively new, longboarding has come a long way and has branched out to many styles like downhill riding, freeride and freestyle. Freestlye, which involves dancing, is just as enjoyable to try out as it is to watch. For more intense riding, there is freeride and downhill longboarding, which takes a lot of focus and skill. Moving at speeds over 30mph on a board really brings you into the moment! With custom longboards, you can choose the shape, trucks, and wheels that suit your longboarding style.

custom longboards

Choosing the Right Shape Matters

Any longboard is good for cruising around town. I’ve seen people with longboards slightly larger than a skateboard, to ones that look like they bought a 5 foot plank of wood from Home Depot and attached some trucks and wheels to the ends. Whatever Skateboards doesn’t have one that large yet in the collection, but there is definitely a wide selection to choose from. We have direction boards, double sided, top mounts and drop through to choose from.

Custom Longboards Make a Great Gift

To all you longboarders out there, how stoked would you be if you received a custom longboard as a gift? Surprise a longboarder with a custom board, and you might just win over their heart.

The Creative Process

Taking the time to design a custom longboard is a part of a creative process. Longboarding is an art form, therefore crafting the board should be an art form too.

One And Only

Obviously, with a custom longboard, you will be the only one with that one of a kind longboard.


When you ride, you got to ride in style. With a custom longboard, you get to put that personal touch into your very own board.

Design A Custom Longboard!

Winter Deal on a Custom Skateboard

Winter is winding down as we are in the last month of the cold season. It’s the month of love, and if you are looking for a unique gift for your boyfriend, or girlfriend, we have what you need! A custom skateboard is a thoughtful and awesome gift for any skater girl or guy. Here at Whatever Skateboards, we have a special deal for you. You can use this coupon code upon check out to receive 10% off your order. Coupon Code: THANKU

custom skateboard

He Was a Skater Boy

Do you remember that song that use to play on the radio? It was about a skater boy that was denied by a popular pretty girl in high school. She was secretly into him, but did not want to let anyone know to save her reputation. A few years later, she ended up seeing him on TV playing at a rock show. Bummer! The song is a love story with a twist of fate, where the girl form high school is left with regrets and lost him to the girl who saw the skater boy who he really was. If you were lucky enough to catch a skater boy like Avril Lavinge was, then we have the perfect gift for him. A custom skateboard is also a unique gift for any skater girl!

Designing Custom Skateboards

What is awesome about Whatever Skateboards is that you can design whatever you like! We have a lot of designs that you can choose from in our gallery. Along with being able to pick available designs, you can also tweak the designs to make them your own. If you are looking to create your own, you can upload personal images. There are also text and background tools on our site to help you with designing.

Unique Gifts

One of the best things about a custom skateboard is that it is a unique gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. They will be the only one with that special gift and will appreciate the time you took with designing it for them. We have a lot of different skateboard models to choose from and a lot of different colored wheels to choose from. Anyone receiving a custom skateboard would be stoked!


Design A Custom Skateboard!

New Complete Options for Custom Longboards


Create Your Own Custom Longboard

When shopping for a longboard, you are not only looking for the perfect steeze, but also the perfect ride! It all really depends on a few factors… Are you a casual rider that cruises on the streets and boardwalks? Then you want something that glides well and is easy to turn on. If you been practicing your crosswalk along with other dance moves, you want a longboard that is not directional and that has plenty of room. Maybe you are a crazy one that loves to ride fast down mountain roads! In that case, you want a good steady board that has sturdy trucks that won’t wobble. With our site, you can create your own custom longboards from scratch, picking the model, the right trucks, and perfect wheels. Plus, you get to create your very own unique design.

New Complete Options

We have updated our inventory and now there are new choices of wheels and trucks. We carry a variety of Paris Trucks that come in a wide selection of size and colors. Paris trucks are our trucks of choice, because of their top performance. We personally tested these trucks here at Whatever Skateboards on our custom longboards. We have discovered that they are smooth, the paint does not chip easily, and that they provide controlled turning without speed wobbles. As for wheels, we carry the Divines Wheels line with many colors to choose from. This makes it easy to match the wheels to your custom longboards. The colors choices range from, bright colors of red, sky blue, purple. yellow, green to more muted colors of dark blue, black and grey. We now also carry our own line of Restless wheels too!

custom longboards

Custom Longboards – From Start to Finish

From start to finish, the whole process of a custom design is what makes Whatever Skateboards stand out. We know that each person who creates a longboard for themselves or as a gift, puts a lot of thought and care into crafting the perfect ride! Our team works hard to create a quality board that is perfect for each unique rider. We believe that riding is an art and that making the board should be too!

Design A Custom Longboard!

Ultimate Longboarder Gift : Custom Longboard

Looking for a Gift for a Longboarder

If you have a friend, child, or a special someone that is always cruising around town on their longboard, then you have come to the right place for the ultimate longboard gift! Our site allows you to design a personal gift by uploading images and using our online tool to create an awesome custom longboard. We also have the option of gift cards if you know that longboarder that is also into art and creating their own designs. Now that is a perfect gift! Along with custom longboards, we have a wide selection of trucks, wheels, and griptape to choose from. A new feature that we have recently added is our custom grip tape. Not only can you design the bottom of the board, you can also customize the design on the top too.

Fresh Custom Longboards

Our boards are hand crafted out of fresh Canadian wood. Each board is given special attention as our team members work carefully with each piece to create unique boards. The feeling that a longboarder gets when they ride a brand new custom longboard is the ultimate gift for any longboarder! Our boards are one of a kind and you can tell by the detail and care that is put into crafting each one. We believe that longboarding is an art and that our boards should be works of art too!

Custom Griptape

Our custom griptape is a new feature that has been recently added to our collection. This feature will definitely make any longboard stand out as it is customized from the bottom to the top! With our customizer tool, you can also add images and font to the grip tape. Ultimately, you can create griptape with any color and design. This can make for a really unique design and look to any custom longboard.

custom longboard custom longboard custom longboard

Design The Ultimate Longboard Gift!

Hoverboards Are Now Illegal In Britain!

Hoverboards Banned in Britain!

Hoverboards Are Illegal In a crazy new twist in the on going saga of hoverboards and authorities the British police have decided to make hoverboards illegal to ride in public. Yes you heard it correctly, the British police have decided to make it illegal to ride hoverboards in London and Britain. No real reason why hoverboards have been banned in the UK and here in the US we’re not even certain there’s been a movement to address the legality of hoverboards. The official info can be found here.

Why Are Hoverboards Illegal?Are There Hoverboard Safety Concerns?

There are some safety concerns with hoverboards, particularly with people who are just beginning to use the hoverboards. It is like learning a new skill, unskilled hoverboarders are likely to crash. Also many people riding hoverboards are not wearing protective gear, adding to the complexity of the issue. Unable to traverse regular terrain and not fast or controlled enough for open road use the hoverboard officially illegal in Great Britain and London. We’ll keep you posted on if the United States makes it illegal to hoverboard or if any US states are the first to make hoverboarding illegal. So far we’re totally allowed to ride them everywhere and we still have hoverboards for sale.

Will Police Enforce The New Hoverboard Laws?

Yes of course. Its unlikely that the passage of the law will necessarily deter people from riding these scooters anywhere but it is true that police in the Britain and Scotland will be enforcing that hoverboard cannot be ridding on the sidewalk. They can only be ridden on private property with the landowners permission and the DOT recommends that appropriate safety clothing be worn. Of course if you are riding a hoverboard legally or illegally it goes without saying you should definitely be wearing a helmet and protective gear. Other than that if you’re a Brit sorry, looks like you’re a bit out of luck old chap :-\

Design Your Own Skateboard – Limited Time Pricing – Just in Time for summer

The summer season has finally arrived, which many of you have probably been waiting on for quite some time. Now it is official, you can pull out your skateboards and enjoy rolling down the sidewalk in the comfortable weather. Whether you plan to ride your skateboard around the neighborhood or whip it out for some fun at your local skate park we have the skateboard that you need.

About Our New Pricing

Here at Whatever Skateboards you know that we love our loyal customers and we try to make the process of designing your own skateboard as easy as possible. Therefore, as a thank you for coming to us for all of your skateboarding needs we have some brand new discounts available so you can design your own skateboard at an even cheaper price.

Current Limited Time Pricing – Now is the Time to Buy!

Under $100 – Tall Boy and Sloop Decks

Carrera, Perfecto 39 & Perfecto 41: over $30 off original price

Up to 21% off many of our top sellers

Why You Should Design Your Own Skateboard with Us

Here at Whatever Skateboards we treat all of our customers as though they are lifetime friends. We make the process of designing your own skateboard as effortless as possible. You simply choose your skateboard and add in your background, pictures, and text and you have just designed your own skateboard in just a few moments. We are constantly updating our options to make sure that you are able to make your skateboard as unique as possible.

This summer make sure that your skateboard is the envy all of your friends by creating a customized skateboard right here with us. If you really want to stunt this summer why not try creating your own skateboarding tricks too!

Kilian Martin – Always An Office Favorite

How Awesome Is Kilian Martin?

Pretty sure we all know the answer to that: freakin’ awesome. From stunning tricks to performance skating and all the incredible footwork in between here at Whatever we are constantly inspired by his work. Here’s two of our favorites we’ve been watching today to kick off the week…

Kilian Martin’s Carmen

His most recent vid and a great testament to his incredible style this is one video that will knock your socks off and leave you wanting more. A gold standard in classical freestyle and performance skating this vid gives some nice insight in to his character and how he develops his distinct style:


Kilian Martin’s Altered Route

One of our all-time Whatever Skateboard office favorites and an all around amazing experience Altered Route is one of the quintessential modern skate vids. Turn up the volume because you can’t miss the music which sets the stage for this great skate. Abandoned water park? YES PLEASE. We love the juxtaposition with original footage and can’t get enough of the aesthetics on this one. Since this is such a must-see skate vid around the office you can’t miss this:


Can’t get enough? Peep his site: