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Skateboard Wheels / Longboard Wheels to complete your custom skateboard

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Divine City Slashers 64mm
The Divine City Slashers are a small, lightweight and versatile wheel.  They are small enoug..
Divine Road Rippers 65mm
The Divine Road Rippers 65mm are perfect for cruising or doing tricks.  This set of four is w..
Divine Road Rippers 75mm
The Divine Road Rippers 75mm are graphically updated with the classic shape. These wheels allow f..
Divine Street Slayers 72mm
The Divine Street Slayers 72mm are the latest and greatest for getting slideways through corners. ..
Restless Grindhouse 66mm
The Restless Grindhouse are a buttery delight for sliding and freeriding. ..
Restless Helion 66mm
The Restless Helion 66mm are tailored for DH and Freeride, but still very comfortable for cruising..
Restless Helion 70mm
The Restless Helion 70mm are tailored for DH and Freeride, but still very comfortable for cruisin..
Make it a Complete Shortboard
Make it a complete!  Design your custom deck, add this product to your cart, and we'll do th..
Divine 70mm Road Rippers
The Divine Road Rippers 70mm are made with Divine's exclusive long-lasting race formula. The whee..
Need bearings with your wheels?  Get them here! ..

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