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Poolfish Cruiser (8.5 x 32)

Poolfish Cruiser (8.5 x 32)
Poolfish Cruiser (8.5 x 32) Poolfish Cruiser (8.5 x 32)

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*Upgrades / Make it a Complete:
Trucks (for completes only):
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Make Your Deck a Complete

If you'd like to upgrade your deck to a complete board (with trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape and assembly), you can change the options on the product page or in the shopping cart. When you're finished with your design, go to your shopping cart and click "Edit Options" under the deck design you'd like to make a complete. You can purchase a deck only, deck with grip, or a complete board ready to ride out of the box.

About This Board

We'd like to present our newest deck, the 8.5" x 32" Poolfish cruiser.  This deck features a 14.125" wheelbase with kicktails and nose.  This is the perfect cruiser for everyday use around the neighborhood.

Customize Online Yes
Length 32"
Width 8.5"
Wheelbase 14.125"
Processing and Shipping
Production / Delivery Time 5-8 business days processing time and 2-6 days shipping
Tags: cruisers

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