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Gnarliest 40 2015 (9.75 x 40) Complete Longboard

Gnarliest 40 2015 (9.75 x 40) Complete Longboard

About this Dart Complete Longboard

This board comes completely assembled with trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, and assembly. Create a custom design and then ride this board straight of the box.


Trucks: Paris Street Trucks 180mm
Wheels: Restless Helion 70mm wheels
Bearings: ABEC 7 Bearings
Grip Tape: Jessup Standard

*Truck & Wheel Colors May Vary*


About This Board

Design your own custom Gnarliest 40 skateboard! The new 2015 model is slightly different than our 2014 Gnarliest 40. The shape is slightly different, giving more space for larger wheels and also has bigger kicktails. This board is made with 7 plys hard Canadian Maple instead of 8, making it a bit more flexible.  It has a melow to medium concave. This board is the longest of our best-selling Gnarly board series and it appropriately named as the Gnarliest 40.  This will likely be one of the finest decks you will own in a lifetime and it is just a fantastic piece of work.  A perfect ride down the hill the extra length adds the stability you need at the really high speeds and the Gnarly series foot pocket is perfect. If you ride this beast around town be prepared to be taken seriously.

Design Your Own

Design your own custom Gnarliest 40 longboard!  Add your own pictures, text and more and design a unique board that is uniquely you.

Customize Online Yes
Concave Mellow
Flexibility Medium
Skill Level Intermediate, Begginer
Ride Style Cruisers, Commute, Freestyle
Deck Length 40"
Deck Width 9.75"
Wheelbase 29"
Deck Thickness 7 Plys Hard Canadian Maple
Additional Details Drop-through, Twin-tip, Twin-kicks
Processing and Shipping
Production Time 5-8 business days processing time and 2-6 days shipping

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